What is SEO?

If you are contemplating on building your own website or revamping an existing one, then this is a good time to understand SEO. Every day, thousands of new websites are spawned into the worldwide web. For search engines like Google, this can mean welcoming a new participant to SEO.

SEO Methodology: White-Hat or Black-Hat?

WHICH SEO METHODOLOGY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE FOR YOUR ONLINE MARKETING EFFORTS? Understanding SEO Methodology SEO has always been distinguished by experts as either “black hat” or “white hat.” Over the years, the definitions of these two types of so-called SEO methodology have evolved up to the point of exaggeration, depending on who’s talking about it and […]

How much should you invest on SEO Maintenance?

SEO MAINTENANCE COSTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT Internet marketing is now a crucial part of every company’s marketing budget and it’s now wonder why. The question is how much should a company shell out for SEO? What’s fair and what’s not? What are the ballpark figures when it comes to the provision of SEO Maintenance […]