These Are The Top Jobs To Offer In Singapore For 2019

There is no better time to be an entrepreneur in the Lion City than now with its thriving business landscape. Such dynamism comes with a price, though: the environment is fiercely competitive that you should at least know beforehand the type of business that will boom if you’re thinking of venturing into one for Singapore company formation.

Today, Singapore brims with a variety of businesses that makes the task of choosing which type to set up even more difficult. No need to fret as you can start with identifying which kind of jobs are most sought after this 2019.

By knowing the type of jobs that will take centre stage this year, you can easily decide which business to set up for Singapore company formation, one that comes with top talent you can hire to ensure your venture soars to greater heights.

The in-demand jobs in Singapore for 2019

Take note of these most-sought-after jobs when thinking of a smart business idea to start with in Singapore. Job hunters, too, can benefit from knowing the top jobs that most Singapore industries are seeking to fill in this year.

  1. Analytics and data science
    Candidates with high technology acumen and digital skills will find themselves in luck this 2019 with the variety of job offers that are analytical and data-driven in nature. You can set up a business in the country with the help of a competent company formation service in an industry that seeks specialists like:
  • Data scientists
  • User experience (UX) designers
  • Product managers
  • Other digital roles
  1. Applications
    Entrepreneurs who are into applications will be delighted to know that it will be smooth-sailing to recruit like-minded individuals to help them start their enterprise in the Lion City. They can hire specialists highly knowledgeable in:
  • Cyber security
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  1. Human resources
    Job hunters with technical skills for human resources such as HR technologies will be in high demand. If you’re in the business of recruiting talent, you’re in luck, too, as specialists in acquiring technology-driven talent are also sought-after in 2019.
  1. Financial services
    Financial services will be an ideal business for Singapore company formation this year, as there will be a great demand for trade finance professionals specialising in corporate banking, investment, and research analysis, as well as skilled contracting professionals and IT professionals in the said industry.
  1. Sales and marketing
    If you’re involved in sales and marketing, you will be looking into attracting versatile candidates who can juggle multiple functions and possess strong prospecting abilities.
    Whether you are a local entrepreneur or a foreign business owner seeking to find business success in the Lion City, these top jobs can serve as your guide in gauging which businesses will be worth investing in this year.

Knowing the in-demand jobs is only half of the battle, though. Once you identify the industry where you can thrive as a business, you can now begin setting up shop in the country with a particular focus, of course, on how you can do the process hassle-free.

Good thing that there are established and competent company formation services in Singapore that you can partner with to ensure fast yet efficient company incorporation.

Make business registration and talent recruitment fuss-free with a company formation service

Every new business owner wants a simple way to setting up an enterprise. You can do so when you engage a company formation service that is experienced in all aspects related to business registration and company incorporation in Singapore.

From identifying the cheapest offshore company formation service to starting a private limited company formation with bank account, you can rely on the expertise of this professional services provider to help you handle all the essentials in putting up a company in the Lion City with ease and efficiency.

On top of helping you complete all the various steps in the formation of a company, a company formation services in Singapore can also be relied on to help you acquire the necessary permits and Employment Passes for your foreign employees, should you hire a few. From submitting the application to receiving the card, the firm can help you expedite the process without compromising compliance with all the standard rules and regulations.

Besides helping you efficiently set up and recruit the talent you need, partnering with a reputable company formation service is also a smart investment for when you need expert advice on managing your enterprise. Such firm has deep knowledge in various industries culled from years of incorporating a variety of businesses, so you can get their insights on any business-related decision you are going to make.

Consider partnering with a competent company formation services in Singapore to take your business idea and talent recruitment plans from paper to reality. With one by your side, you are at least one step ahead of the game as you navigate Singapore’s competitive business arena.


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