5 SEO Company Best Practices: Taking care of clients

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SEO CompaniesMost clients rely on results, and if they don’t get them, they go walking out the door. It’s normal and inevitable, but could be prevented. After all, it’s just a matter of making sure you’re on the same page as your clients. We list the top SEO company best practices in order to keep its clients happy, and the revenue going.


Be interested in your client’s business. Understand what your client’s business is all about. Evaluate his or her needs, how he or she stack up against competitors, and his or her weaknesses and strengths.

SEO Company best practices include sincerely caring for your clients. They are seeking your services because they want you to help them grow their business; you have to learn how to think like you’re running their business. Thus, their failure is your failure. You have to know the business inside-out.


communicationEstablish good communication with your clients. Make sure you lay all cards on the table right from the start. Clients may or may not have any clue about SEO, but what they are sure of are the results they are aiming for or should be getting. It is part of an SEO company best practices to ask your clients what they want to know about SEO, how SEO will work for them, and any problems they’re having that they’d like address.

Listen to your clients. Address their concerns point-by-point. Among SEO company best practices is not using technical language when explaining SEO. Manage client expectations and help them set realistic ones.

ANGER MANAGEMENT: One SEO Company Best Practices

Know how to keep calm when handling frustrated clients. Be professional no matter how irate your client is. Remember, learning how to be good at dealing with clients is also a matter of changing perspectives. Try to put yourself in your clients’ shoes first before reacting negatively to their complaints. When your client is done airing his or her concern, explain yourself. Own up to any mistakes you may have committed. Then start coming up with a solution and try to discuss it with them.

Let your clients in on the action. The worst thing a client can feel is to feel he or she is left out. Get your clients involved in small tasks. One SEO company best practices is asking clients to write meta descriptions or a blog post for their website, or to share new updates on their site on social media. Inform them of the value of the task they’ve just accomplished and how it figures in the whole SEO process.

Perhaps the best SEO Company Best Practices: Accountability

Be accountable. Make sure you deliver on your goals. If you promise your client that they can expect a certain result then it has to happen. As mentioned earlier, clients mainly care about the results. It’s a fact of life that you need to adjust to. If they keep on hearing excuses for you, then they might start looking elsewhere for SEO services.

Remember that these SEO company best practices, once applied, will help you win the trust of your clients.

In the end, all the matters is that you prove you are willing to go the extra mile for your clients, and that you are worthy of their trust.