An SEO a day: The Benefits of SEO for small and large businesses



SEO is all the rage the past few years. You may have heard a colleague talk about how powerful SEO is or you may have read about the many great benefits of SEO online. Still, you keep to conventional marketing techniques, fearing that SEO would be a huge risk for you.

The following benefits of SEO may clear your mind.

1. SEO strengthens the best tool in your arsenal: your website.

Your website is a representation of your shop—only better. It’s accessible all-day long, 24/7; it is completely flexible, and it does whatever you like. Search engine optimization (SEO) brings more attention to it, improving its overall coherence.

2. One of the benefits of SEO is that it helps you develop your brand.

Branding takes time to build. Your business has to be top-of-mind—be it for a product or service. The benefits of SEO are such that you shorten the amount of time you need to be remembered by your customers. By improving your customer’s experience when they visit your site, they are more likely to make repeat visits to your site and eventually recommend it to their friends.

3. SEO improves your web presence.

One of the most common benefits of SEO is that it helps your website rank higher on search engines. It helps your business get found by new customers, clients and potential business partners. SEO nowadays helps you identify areas where you could make more opportunities in terms of connecting with customers—it’s no longer about getting more views, or regulating “bounce rates.”

4. SEO gives you a chance to save up on costs.

Another of the benefits of SEO is that it usually takes only about 15 percent of your marketing budget and garners you 75 percent of search traffic.

5. SEO helps you make most of social media.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest in sharing content on your website, one of many benefits of SEO is in helping you control on what people read and how they’ll perceive your brand as a whole via title tags and meta descriptions—things that make up the preview of the content you share on your social media profile. SEO beefs up the power of your CTAs (call-to-actions), especially when you’re asking your customers or readers to share your content with their friends to the point of being viral.

6. SEO boosts offline sales.`

86 percent of customers search online to compare product prices and features before making an in-store purchase, according to a joint survey conducted by Web Visible and Nielsen. It goes without saying that businesses should invest a portion of their budget to SEO and digital marketing, especially now that website appeal and experience play a huge role in influencing customer sales.

Still unconvinced? Just pick a product and look it up on the internet. Did one of your favorite brands come up for that certain product? Then congratulations—you’ve just seen a great example of how a company is making the wonders of and benefits of SEO work for them.

Start experiencing the benefits of SEO for your own business today!