Content made easy: Writing SEO Articles for your website



You’ve probably heard tech gurus say “content is king” so many times before, and it still rings true in today’s SEO milieu. Let’s take a look at how you can effectively write SEO articles to boost your SEO plan.

Write about useful information

One of the things that would help bring traffic to your site is when you write about something of value to your customers. It’s good to write about current events relating to your business, but what’s even better is if you write about tips and personalize the news. Write a quick summary about the news item, link to it in the article, then talk about your product and how it could provide a solution to your customers. SEO articles like these help add value to your site and reflect your authority on a particular subject.

SEO Articles for Winning New Customers

Sell your business. Be subtle in letting people know about the services or products you offer as they browse content on your website. For example, you can provide a quick overview about the services and products your company offers at the end of each blog post, or you can create a column on the side of the blog post where you can feature your roster of products and services.

Research for search queries and keywords related to your product. Hit two birds with one stone by writing SEO articles that respond to what people search in Google. You can use online keyword tools to determine search queries locally or internationally. If you’re selling kitchen utensils, you can write SEO articles about the advantages and ease of using your products in cooking local cuisines, or how local customers or restaurant owners can save money by using your products in commercial kitchens.

Engaging Your Community With SEO Articles

Share your SEO articles.

Facebook ShareMake it a point to share the useful SEO articles you’ve written on social media or newsletters. If people really find your article useful, then they will share your article or link to it. This improves your website rankings in the long run. But it doesn’t stop there—you also have to engage your audience on the social media platforms where you shared your content. Make an effort in replying to their comments and likes, and also encouraging them (with call-to-actions) to react to your posts.

Do guest blogging or invite guest bloggers to write for your website.

BloggingOnce you’ve established some authority in your niche with a good number of SEO articles, it’s time for you to look for guest blogging opportunities. Having your blog posts published on similar websites can help extend your market reach, not to mention augment the number of referrals from those sites to your own.

Creating SEO Articles for Video Marketing

Try video content marketing. Take advantage of using videos when offering step-by-step guides to customers. It’s more effective than writing a really long article. Consider using YouTube—it’s free and more people are hanging out there. Links from the YouTube videos going to your site also increase rankings, especially when your video gets a lot of views or interaction.