How does Google penalty affects SEO or what happens to your website when it gets penalized by Google?

Google Penalty


Google Penalty

It must be every business owner or SEO specialist’s nightmare to see his or her website drop in rankings, with no site visitors for the rest of the day, or even a week. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. What if your website really got penalized by Google? How does Google penalty affect SEO and why should you avoid a Google penalty at all cost?

How does Google penalty affect SEO marketing for your website? Let’s find out.

Check whether your traffic and rankings are dropping. By dropping, we mean that you have observed a significant decrease in your website’s ranking or traffic. For example, if you’re on page 1 on Google but now find yourself on Page 2, then that’s undoubtedly a significant drop. If you’re just looking at Google analytics and have noticed a significant drop in site visitors, then that’s a drop in traffic. It could be that your keywords are not being searched at the time you checked your rankings, but that’s alright. It happens.

How Does Google penalty affect SEO? Did you do anything wrong?

Remember your question a while ago—how does Google penalty affect SEO?—well, this is what exactly happens if you displease Google.

Did you conceal some texts on your site or did you leave spammy comments on other websites? Did you mass-buy links? Did you try to cover up adult content? These are some of the things that will invite penalty.

How does Google penalty affect SEO? Here are a few things you can do to avoid penalty:

rank downYou can be enjoying page 1 ranking today and be totally out of Google’s radar the next week. That gives you an idea on how does Google penalty affect SEO.

If you did any of the things we detailed in the previous section and got penalized, how do you fix it?

First, send Google a re-inclusion request. Explain that you recognize your mistakes and emphasize on how much your domain name is important to you and your customers. Make sure you detail every offense that you made against Google. Promise that you won’t ever repeat these mistakes again.

How does Google penalty affect SEO? It takes all your efforts to the drain.

Even if you apologized, Google will always have the final say. If all the things above do not help, then move on and get yourself a new domain. There’s a better chance for your website to get indexed again by changing domains.

Was your question (how does Google penalty affect SEO?) answered?

The lesson in understanding how does Google penalty affect SEO is that as SEO marketer or business owner, make sure you only use white hat SEO strategies to promote your site. Remember that the consequences of black-hat SEO techniques, no matter how fast they yield results, are only short-term and can get you in trouble.