How much should you invest on SEO Maintenance?

SEO Costings


SEO Costings

Internet marketing is now a crucial part of every company’s marketing budget and it’s now wonder why. The question is how much should a company shell out for SEO? What’s fair and what’s not? What are the ballpark figures when it comes to the provision of SEO Maintenance Services?

SEO maintenance fees: Considerations

To understand how much of your budget should you allot to SEO and SEO maintenance, you have to ask the length of time you’d be requiring such services. Read on to know the different types of payment models for SEO Services and how you can make an informed decision about the matter.

Most common payment methods for SEO maintenance:

Monthly retainer. The monthly retainer rate, as it suggests, is the rate a client pays for as a bulk rate for an SEO company’s services. It gives the company lots of savings, helping companies make most of their investments. It also has the fastest return rate. The rate covers monthly analytics reports, content writing, link building, onpage and offpage optimization, and keyword research. Most monthly retainer rates cost anywhere between $750 to $5,000 monthly. The costs fluctuate depending on the range of services offered by the SEO agency.

Fixed rates for contractual services. Most SEO maintenance companies offer their services for a contract. Clients usually prefer engaging in this type of arrangement with an SEO agency before hiring the agency for a monthly retainer. Like the monthly retainer, contractual services are like bulk rates, except that it’s set for a particular service advertised on the SEO maintenance company’s website. For example, a client can choose to engage in SEO content writing for 0.50 cents per word and social media marketing for a certain period for $500 to $3,000 a month.

Project-based model. Project-based pricing is also available for companies that wish to enter a contract with an SEO company for a much shorter phase and only for a certain project tailor-made to their goals. The pricing of project-based services may depend on the demands of the project. An example of project-based model is when a local artisanal chocolate shop requests an SEO maintenance company to promote them online through social media marketing. It’s up to the shop whether they’d like the SEO company to create the social media accounts or just the social media marketing itself. Most projects cost between $1,000 to $30,000. The scope of the project will determine its pricing.

Hourly rate. Last but not the least is the hourly rate, which is also one of the most popular modes of payment for SEO agencies and clients. SEO consulting involves the delivery of services or information sharing (SEO training) between SEO companies and clients; the cost of consulting range between $100 and $300 per hour.

Combined modes of payment for SEO maintenance


Most SEO maintenance companies use the above payment models when offering their services to clients. Clients may choose to sign up for a monthly retainer, a contract service or project-based agreement with a company at one time depending on their preferences and requests.

Which of the payment models is the most mode you use? Which do you think is the most effective for maximizing your profits? Share your thoughts with us through the contact form.