SEO Service Update: Where’s Guest Blogging Headed?

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Do you offer guest blogging as an SEO service? Read on to know more about the future of guest blogging for SEO.

SEO Service Back Then

SEO Service

Guest blogging used to be a very promising way of gaining links back then. However, SEO service experts nowadays warn against using guest blogging for SEO Service. For one, guest blogging has been on a swift decline due to spammy practices. For another, if you are getting in touch with a lot of guest bloggers or are doing a lot of guest blogging for other companies then think again because you may be doing more damage than good for your business or your client’s reputation online.

How true is this? Very; and it is quite obvious especially if you’ve been hanging out in the blogosphere for a while now.

Back when SEO service was at its emergent stage, guest blogging used to be highly esteemed, akin to the job of an op-ed columnist of a prestigious publication. Sad to say it’s no longer that way anymore.

SEO service and guest blogging nowadays…

BloggingYou’ll find out soon enough. One way or another, you’ll receive a spammy email from a person or company requesting you to pay x amount to be able to guest blog for them, or, it could be an email enumerating their fees for ghostwriting a guest blog as a form of SEO service for you. It’s still up to you of course if you’ll take on an offer as such, but if you ask us, we think it’s best that you think about it long and hard and learn more about the background of the company or individual who’s offering these guest blogging services for you.

Take everything with a grain of salt as sometimes, these websites are only offering free or cheap guest blogging services because they also want to benefit from you. More so, actually. And more often than not the benefit is not symbiotic but parasitic. For example, they could insert spammy links in your post that could violate Google’s SEO service best practices. You don’t want that of course.

Why can’t just we enjoy a long and peaceful time doing a completely legitimate thing that will last forever in the world of SEO? Spammers and SEOs who have little care for legitimacy and authority will always find a way to pollute the system and rob us of our “peace and quiet.” We’re now at a point of overkill where guest blogging is being automated and outsourced as well. What have we become?

Guest blogging and SEO service in a nutshell

BlogWe’re not saying that guest blogging will someday become obsolete, but it will if spammy SEO service trends continue to plague the online marketing industry. But if you’re doing guest blogging to develop your branding, connect to a larger audience, and build a community, then guest blogging can still be your best friend. Guest blogging has always been there from the start, even before Google became everyone’s favorite search engine, and it will continue to exist into the future. And there remain a lot of no-fluff, great guestbloggers out there so it’s not entirely the end for guest blogging. Just guest blogging for SEO service.

Blogs which result from the collaboration of a number of people (multi-author blogs) are also exempt from the foreseen death of guest blogging for SEO service. These collaborative blogs and multi-author guest blogs, as can be read on quality website Boing Boing, still exist for a good reason. Which brings us back to our main point: guest blogging for SEO would have survived at least for another decade if blogs created under this goal were in-depth, engaging and not just marketing fluff.

So, if there ever comes a time that a company or individual invites you to write a guest blog post for them, or be it the other way around, think twice. You don’t want to get caught up in a mess between said company and Google. Only accept guest blogging offers from companies you are confident in.