SEO’ed Web Design: Optimizing Your website design the SEO

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Implementing top-notch SEO’ed Web Design for your business is easy

Web Design SEO

What are the best practices that can help you get your website crawled and indexed by Google? What are the qualities of good SEO’ed web design? Read on to know more about the ways how you can tweak your website to Google’s liking.

SEO’ed Web Design is easy on the eyes.

SEO’ed web design and content are streamlined. One way of getting your website easily crawled or indexed is by simplifying your link hierarchy. There has to be a pivot link—called static text link—where all pages are accessible from. Make sure you also maintain the number of links within a page. Use clear and concise language in writing the content of your website, not to mention, writing the content with your audience and customers in mind. Last but not the least, note that dynamic pages (flash-based) don’t get crawled as much as static pages.

Optimize the textual content of your site. Meta descriptions, input “captions” and “alt” for images. Also, make sure you always put a title attribute to the source code of your site.

SEO’ed Web Design provides great user experience.

seo friendly web design

Submit a site map. One of the qualities of good SEO’ed web design is having a site map sent out to Google. As it suggests, a site map “maps” the pages that make up your site. You have to submit one to Google using Google’s Webmaster Tools. Google uses this information to basically understand your website better.

Use a robots.txt file. The robots.txt file indicates which pages are crawled by directories and which ones cannot be crawled. Make sure it’s updated. Note that robots.txt can also be used to avoid crawling pages from search results as well as auto-generated pages that don’t offer value to users. If your business uses a content management system, ensure that the pages and links it produces can be crawled by search engines as well.

Test your website. A website with SEO’ed web design appears as it’s supposed to in different browsers. Check your site’s load time, too. Often times, your site’s load time is a reason you rank low in Google search results. Load time affects user experience, which Google factors in when ranking your site. Google recommends Page Speed, WebPagetest, YSlow and similar tools for webmasters on monitoring their website’s performance.

SEO’ed Web Design does not cheat Google.

seo web designMake sure you’re not violating Google’s quality guidelines. Google is very straightforward when it comes to its quality requirements: don’t cheat its algorithm. That said, webmasters who observe Google’s best practices won’t have any problems keeping their site up and running and found by customers. They have nothing to worry about for their SEO’ed web design, and can focus on more important things like finding opportunities to improve their site.

What are these best practices? First, do not spam other websites. Second, produce only original content on your site. Avoid keyword stuffing and do not cloak links on your site. You’ll feel you’re doing something wrong when it feels wrong—usually, when you’re trying to deceive your audience.

Hope you learned a thing or two with us today regarding SEO’ed web design.