What is White Hat SEO and how does it help you adhere to web standards?

White Hat Seo

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What is white hat SEO? How was the term coined? In Aaron Walter’s eBook, Building Findable Websites: Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond, the author gave an interesting anecdote about what is white hat SEO against black hat SEO.

According to Walter, in the old times, you can tell the good and bad cowboys apart by the hats they wore.

Cowboys who wore white hat were the good ones, while cow boys who wore black hats were the bad ones.

Enter the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. What is what hat SEO?

What Is White Hat SEO? A Matter Of Moral Compass

White Hat SeoSEO has seen ranking experts divided into two: the white hatters and the black hatters.

What is white hat SEO? It is the ethical best practices applied to ranking a website in search engines. Walter recommends sticking with white hat SEO principles rather than delving on the dark side.

The dark side is black hat SEO. Walter explains that black hat SEO are dishonest SEO techniques that attempt to dupe search engines.

What Is White Hat SEO In Practice? 

How do search engines rank websites? Search engines like Google are loyal to their purpose to give people what they’re looking for.

Because of this, search engines rank websites which offer the most relevant and quality content.

What is white hat SEO approach to ranking? It applies ethical techniques to invite search engines to crawl or index high quality relevant content.

Two Indicators of Quality And Relevant Web Page Content According To Web Standards

Keywords are words or phrases that are relevant to the content of a web page.

Search engines use keywords to categorise or index web pages.

What is what hat SEO methodology on keyword usage? Below are answers:

  • Use keywords as naturally as possible
  • Use it throughout the article
  • Use keywords in the title and header or subheads.

Search engines also look at the number of quality inbound links to a page. If your website has a lot of other websites linking to it, referring to it, mentioning it, then search engines interpret this as a signal for quality and votes to move your website high in the search results page.

Links from reputable sites can boost your site’s ranking. The logic behind this approach is that search engines weigh the importance of the link based on its ranking. The higher the ranking of links to a web page, the more likely search engines will think that your site contains quality content. Thus, it will assign good ranking to your site.

What is white hat SEO in terms of link building? Here are two steps:

  • Make sure that your site is one that reputable sites want to link to
  • Exchange links with those websites covering relevant content or topics

What Is A White Hat SEO Practitioner?


When it comes to choosing your SEO provider, remember to check the color of the hat they wear.

Aaron Walter warns: “Search engines are privy to most black hat techniques these days. If your site is caught…you’ll be banned from all search listings.”

What is a white hat SEO practitioner? He or she is a professional who will be willing to work long and hard to get your website to rank without short cuts or duping the search engines. He or she takes your website to a sure, steady journey towards SEO success. Good luck!